Enhance your skills as a coach or practitioner with our pro courses. Our pro courses let you learn directly from Dr. Kelly Starrett and other Ready State coaches. You’ll discover our groundbreaking methods for improving human movement and mechanics.

We’ve stress-tested what we teach with the world’s most elite athletes. That includes Olympic gold medalists, UFC champions, and players in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. And now strength and conditioning coaches across professional sports use our courses to get an edge on the opposition.

Plus if our techniques can meet the demands of these top athletes, then they can work for anyone.

In the past 15 years, we’ve taught our methods to over 20,000 coaches and practitioners at all levels. They’ve used our courses to boost their credentials and advance their careers. And that means our methods have been used with success on millions of clients and patients.

Our courses are your springboard to a deep understanding of movement and mechanics. Plus they establish your credibility and authority to coach these principles. Using the skills you develop in our pro courses, you’ll be able to…

So see which of our professional courses is right for you below…

Promote Your Business to 47,000
Ultra-Engaged Ready State Subscribers

Finding new clients is critical for your success as a coach or practitioner. That’s why we want to help promote your business to our 47,000 monthly visitors.

We created The Ready State Professional Directory to be the go-to resource for finding a TRS-recommended provider. Because we get this question all the time…

“Can you recommend a good coach, physical therapist, or body worker in my city who uses your methods?”

And we point everyone to the Directory. It allows our audience to search, filter, and find a top-tier professional near them. And it helps make finding new clients easy for our network of coaches and practitioners.

Everybody wins!

To qualify for the Directory, you must complete our 101 course. At the end of the course, you can fill out an application for the Directory. We’ll review your submission, and then create your listing in the Directory using the information you provide.

Finished The 101 Course Already? Email [email protected] to apply for The TRS Directory Now.

The Ready State Movement & Mobility 101

Online Course

Our Movement & Mobility 101 course is an online, self-paced video course. It recaps and expands on the concepts in Dr. Kelly Starrett’s hit book Becoming a Supple Leopard. The book has now sold over half a million copies and is a New York Times bestseller.

The 101 course reveals Dr. Starrett’s system for improving performance, movement, and mobility. And it will show you how to find and fix the most common causes of pain and poor athletic output.

The course contains four modules with a total of 77 videos. That’s almost 10 hours of instruction time with Dr. Starrett. And the lessons are available in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

After each video, you take a short quiz to confirm your understanding. (Don’t worry, the questions are multiple choice. And you get as many tries as you need to get them right.)

There are over 400 questions total, and you can receive the following CEU credits:

There are no prerequisites to join this course. At the end of the course, you earn The Ready State Movement & Mobility Specialist Certificate.


The Ready State Movement & Mobility 102

In-Person Course

Our Movement & Mobility 102 course is a two-day, in-person training. This advanced course gives coaches a start-to-finish protocol for evaluating a client’s mobility. And it also provides a full programming template to correct restricted movement and range-of-motion.

Taking our 102 course will give you…

  • Active, passive, and motor control tests for each of our seven mobility archetypes — 43 tests in all.

  • 54 range-of-motion guidelines from seven different institutions and “gold-standard” references.

  • Our complete mobility evaluation form to use in your own practice right away. This four-page assessment covers 118 different data points. And it gives you our 35-section mobilization programming template.

  • CEU credits from the following organizations:

  • And much more…
  • Before attending the 102 course, you must complete our Movement and Mobility 101 course. Or you must show proof you attended Dr. Starrett’s CrossFit Mobility course. (We do offer a bundled discount if you register for both the 101 and 102 course at the same time. Contact [email protected] for details.)

    At the end of the 102 course, you earn The Ready State Movement & Mobility Coach’s Certificate.


    September 12-13, 2020

    Live Virtual Course


    Coming Soon!

    Live Virtual Course

    Coming Soon

    Functional Training
    for Adaptive Athletes

    Online Course

    Our Functional Training for Adaptive Athletes (FTAA) course is an online, self-paced video training. This course is led by Ready State instructors Dr. Theresa Larson, DPT and Max Conserva of Adaptive Athletic. It shows coaches how to train athletes with disabilities.

    In FTAA, you will see how to work with athletes that have upper-and lower-limb impairments. And you will also find out how to coach wheeled athletes and those with invisible wounds. For each type of athlete, you will discover how to adapt the squat, hinge, push, pull and carry movements.

    The course contains five modules with a total of 29 videos. That’s over 4 hours of instruction time with Dr. Larson.

    There are no prerequisites to register for this course. After completing the course and exam, you will receive a certificate of completion. This course has been approved from NSCA (Provider #L1400-HSFTA) for 0.5 CEUs. In the past, students have also applied for and received CEU credits for this course from the organization of their choice.

    Functional Training for Adaptive Athletes Course

    Functional Yoga for Athletics

    Online Course

    Our Functional Yoga for Athletes course is an online, self-paced video training. Led by Ready State coach Debbie Steingesser, this course reveals how coaches can use yoga to enhance athletic performance.

    After taking Functional Yoga for Athletics, you will know…

    • The 15 best yoga poses for improving balance, stabilization, mobility, and even inversions.

    • Three yoga warm-up sequences — designed just for athletes — using 22 easy moves and poses.

    • How to structure a yoga class for athletes, and how to best add a class to your teaching schedule. This includes a nine-day “yoga for athletes” class template that you can use right away.

    • And much more…

    There are no prerequisites to attend this online course. In the past, students have applied for and received CEU credit for this training. But it is not currently preauthorized for CEU credit with any organizations.