Episode 338: Most Important Mwod Ever: Slow Death By Text


I’m sorry to say it but, this is probably the most important MWod episode ever for the modern Leopard. You have to stop destroying your position whilst you text and type. I can’t stress this enough.

Mission: Get correctly set up BEFORE you begin to text or type. You cannot reclaim lost positioning once you’ve entered the texting tunnel. For every time you catch yourself in a poor texting/typing position today, you will need to perform 25 hollow rocks. The penalty needs to be stiff. You can change. Make a better decision. Now.

Don’t make me slap that phone out of your hand.

You should be able to spot another supple leopard on the street by their excellent texting position alone. They are the person NOT texting in the DB position. (DB=Delta Bravo=DBag)

Did we catch you too late and you’re already paying for your wretched positions? Fear not, young Padawan. With this video, undo the damage we will.  (m|wod pro subscriber you must be)


8 thoughts on “Episode 338: Most Important Mwod Ever: Slow Death By Text

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    Jessica says:

    Is sleeping in the fetal position with shoulders rounded forward (aka the only way to sleep!) also doing horrendous things to the body?

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